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Nandini Bhat

Prinicipal, GEAR Innovative International School

As a principal, I am fueled by a passion for education that goes beyond just academics. For almost two decades, I have focused on implementing the Multiple Intelligences approach across all age groups of children and among mentors of the school. It is a philosophy that recognizes and nurtures the diverse range of talents and abilities that every child possesses. I believe in the holistic development of children, and consciously explore and provide opportunities to them to express themselves and hone their inherent talents.

As a leader, I am equally driven about supporting and guiding the mentors in my school. I know that they are the backbone of our institution, and I am dedicated to helping them become the best versions of themselves. Whether it's providing resources, training, or emotional support, I am always there to lend a helping hand.

For me, education is more than just a job - it's a lifelong mission and I am honored to be able to touch the lives of those around me.

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