The trailblazers of digitization who believe that the future of their students starts with transforming classrooms today.

Usha Iyer

Managing Director,
The Green School, Bengaluru

At the Green School, we are dedicated to creating the Green Ambassadors of tomorrow through a future-focused approach to education. Our goal is to foster learning beyond traditional boundaries and teach anywhere and everywhere possible. We believe in inspiring and creating future leaders who embody our vision.

Starting from kindergarten, we ensure that every student understands and embraces our school's vision. We actively participate in global organizations like the American Green School Association and promote sustainability beyond growing vegetables or using green infrastructure materials.

Technology plays a crucial role in achieving our goals, as we emphasize STEAM projects that integrate science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. Through our young entrepreneur program, students engage in interdisciplinary projects, creating prototypes using 3D printers and pitching their ideas for possible incubation. We also utilize technology for financial literacy programs and assessments, making our curriculum more efficient and effective.

Moving forward, we aim to achieve zero energy, zero carbon, and zero waste goals while enhancing our curriculum to prepare students for a rapidly evolving world. Our focus remains on fostering innovation, entrepreneurship, and sustainability by leveraging the power of technology.

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